Επιμελητής του νοσοκομείου Νίκαιας: «Αυτοί που σκότωσαν χθες, έκαναν προπόνηση τρία χρόνια σε κορμιά μεταναστών»

Curator of the Nikaia Hospital [where Pavlos Fyssas was transported to after he was stabbed]: “Those who killed yesterday have been practicing on the bodies of immigrants for three years, who were brought here injured and we were speaking out about the attacks of such groups.” He then proceeds to criticize the media and journalists who he says have been “caressing and presenting the fascists in lifestyle shows as if they are models.” “Because a certain colleague of yours is referring to the serious nature of the far right, unfortunately events have taken a very serious turn.”
Asked if there was murderous intent in the attack against Pavlos Fyssas, he said “Anytime there is a knife strike in the area of the heart, it proves an a priori intent to murder. There are two wounds and the second one possibly indicates that the lethal weapon was turned [after entering the body].”



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