Συναγερμός στο Μαξίμου για την Χρυσή Αυγή

“Golden Dawn and its members will be treated as a criminal/paramilitary organization from hereafter and if they break the law they will be punished with the severity provided by the provisions of the Criminal Code.”

So this is how the Greek government is thinking of “protecting” democracy from fascism:

    1. Change the law about criminal organizations to make it a felony to even verbally assault another social group.
    2. Change the law about paramilitary organizations so that police can arrest any group of people wearing a “uniform” even if they are not armed.
    3. Call on Dendias (the minister of public disorder) to ban all public gatherings scheduled for the next few days to minimize the chance that any incidents will occur. Yes, that would be all the anti-fascist gatherings!

Protect democracy from fascism by restricting freedoms. Where have I heard of that one before?!



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