Χρυσαυγίτες και ΜΑΤ κατά αντιφασιστών

At the same time that prime minister Samaras is referring to Golden Dawn as a “criminal organization”, there are shocking images of collaboration between riot police and Golden Dawn members against anti-fascists at Keratsini [where a GD member murdered well known anti-fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas].
The “special affinities” between Golden Dawn and Greek Police are emerging as a major threat of democratic normality. After the statements of eyewitnesses of the racist murder of Pavlos Fyssas on the apathetic stand of the police units present in the area, fresh uproar is caused by videos showing the close relationships between the racists and the riot cops.
After the video which showed groups of unknown civilians next to the police units throwing rocks towards antifascist demonstrators, one more video from Keratsini is creating a sensation. [Video 1]
The new video shows a group of youth clashing with the police and a young man escaping. at the same time another man with no markings on a motorcycle chases down the young man and throws him down with his vehicle!
Names and details of how the attack squadron of Golden Dawn in Nikaia are given by a former member of the organization. In an interview with the newspaper Ethnos, he says that the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas was a sub-commander in the group and how the victim had been targeted because of his anti-fascist activity. He also names George Patelis as a leader in the group, who acts under the supervision of a Golden Dawn member of parliament.
Incidents where members of Golden Dawn played a key role are now under the microscope of justice. Specifically the minister of public (dis)order Nikos Dendias has sent to the prosecutor’s office of the greek supreme court 32 cases from all over Greece.
Nevertheless, serious concerns and many questions about the existence and actions of a modern para-state deep inside institutional mechanisms are borne by the positions of members of the executive and judicial leadership towards Golden Dawn.
Even though the prime minister has described the party [Golden Dawn] as a “criminal organization” notable are the efforts of his associates to equalize perpetrators and victims.
E.g. those who are exhibiting racist behavior with the citizens who are protesting to defend democracy, paying for this even with their lives, as it became apparent with the brutal murder of Pavlos Fyssas.
Tomorrow Saturday, the 45-year old self-confessed murderer George Roupakias will appear in court. No member of the Bar of Pireas [the city-port of Athens-where the murder took place] has taken on his defense. The wife of the perpetrator and her friend, who are charged with perjury, were released without conditions yesterday.
Finally, a new gathering in Nikaia is prepared for tomorrow Saturday by unions, organizations and citizens of Pireas. The goal is to force the cancellation of a “for Greeks only” event by the local chapter of Golden Dawn where they would give out food and clothing. [this event has now been cancelled by order of the police.]



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