Φρικιαστικές αποκαλύψεις από πρώην μέλος της Χρυσής Αυγής: Επαιζαν μπάλα με το κεφάλι Πακιστανού

*Trigger alert: racist violence
“Horrifying revelations from a former Golden Dawn member: They played ball with the head of a Pakistani
Gruesome details of the actions of Golden Dawn members was given by a former member who revealed ugly incidents of violence against foreigners.
According to the newspaper Ethnos which is invoking the testimony of the former GD member, new members of GD were rewarded when they acted “successfully” and their “heroism” was written down in a special journal. “They applauded and congratulated so and so who had beaten up a Pakistani. That’s when the countdown started for me” claims the former member.
The gruesome descriptions however have no end: “The right hand man of Patelis [secretary of the Nikaio office of GD, and a former candidate for parliament] would proudly boast how he had laid a Pakistani on the floor and kicked his head like he was doing a [soccer] penalty kick.” He adds that “in order to get in the Closed Nucleus [inner circle] and become a right hand man to the leader of the Nikaia office [of GD], it was necessary that you beat up Pakistanis.”
He also mentioned that truncheons and batons were hidden either in the organization’s building or in the car of the leader. Everytime there was going to be an inspection by the police, an officer of the Greek Police would inform the leaders [so they could hide the weapons].”



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