Πώς δρουν τα Τάγματα της Χρυσής Αυγής, πώς στήνονται οι επιθέσεις

More revelations from the interview of the former member of Golden Dawn:
The ex-member was in the Core of the Nikaia office of Golden Dawn for a year and a half. The murderer of Pavlos Fyssas was a lieutenant in the organization.
The assault battalion of the Nikaia office, under the supervision of George Patelis and the leadership of GD Member of Parliament Lagos has the hierarchy, structure and organization that is found only in paramilitary criminal organizations. Their offices are the assault headquarters where the orders come from for attacks against foreigners and other actions. That is where they keep the batons, knives, truncheons and other weapons which “disappear” when police inspections are coming up.
“We would put the weapons in Patelis’s car and in his mother’s house when we needed to hide them”said the former member. He also claims that the police inspections are known in advance since a police officer in the local precinct is a GD member and will give them information but will also arrange to have anybody caught redhanded “cleared.”
He also analyzed the organizational chart of the Nikaia office which is described as the “point of the spear” in the actions of the party. Patelis would be informed of everything that is happening in the area and in turn he would inform Lagos who would have to give the ok prior to any action taking place.
In order to join the assault battalion you must be part of the circle of Patelis and prove your worth. Once you become a member you first join the Open Core and then, if you prove worthy, you move inward to the Closed Core.
The ex-member stated: “You are a zero, they tell you to drop and do pushups and they kick you in the ribs in front of everyone. When you get in the Closed Core, you get a special booklet where they write down your achievements. How many events you wen to, if you have beaten up Pakistanis, how many times you have gone to the meetings.”
In his interview he states that the top henchmen of Patelis have risen very high in the party and are responsible for the security of the big party events, in and out of Attiki [the region around Athens]. But the “Security Force” is not just muscle. They also have a “hacker” to attack the facebook profiles of whoever has been kicked out or has left the party. They also have informants who pretend to be anarchists or anti-fascists so that they can keep tabs on the “opposing camps.” Communication between leaders and members takes place with prepaid internet messaging.
At the same time the interview drops the mask of Golden Dawn as the “protectors of Greeks who will kick immigrants out of the country. Clothing and other supplies that are collected by members to be given to poor Greeks are actually given to Pakistanis to sell in open markets and Golden Dawn receives a percentage of the sales. They also offer their “protection” to ensure that everything goes well and that money will go in the pockets of those responsible.
The local office at Nikaia also has minors, students from junior and senior high school and the older students recruit from the schools. The youth group is named “Centaurs” and the person responsible for this group is also the person in charge of the group INNOVA who ride scooters and are the attack group, along the lines of the police force DELTA.
The assault battalion also parades in Nikaia as a show of force, carries clubs which are disguised as party flags and wears black and white camouflage uniforms which are their trademark and obey the orders of Patelis. Patelis is shown in a photograph wearing a bullet proof vest. The uniforms are bought from a store next to the police station with a special discount for Golden Dawn. The Closed Core initially had 30 members but its current size is unknown. There are about 5,000 members in the organization.



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