Ανακοίνωση οικογένειας Φύσσα για το πρωτοσέλιδο

Statement by the family of Pavlos Fyssas (delivered to the journalists union, the prosecutor’s office and the newspaper Proto Thema)
“According to reliable sources, the Sunday 22 September 2013 issue of the newspaper Proto Thema plans to publish photographs of our murdered child who were taken by an unknown photographer after the murderous attack against him the evening of Tuesday 17 September 2013.
Because the publication of those photographs constitutes a blatant and vulgar insult to the memory of the dead.
Because as a family we demand that everybody respects our deepest grief and that we are finally allowed to live the loss of Pavlos with silence and dignity.
We call upon you to take all actions that your journalistic duty requires of you to protect the memory of Pavlos Fyssas and the security and peace of those close to him who are also shown in the relevant publications.
After all, Justice on which we have infinite trust has the first and final word.
Keratsini 21 September 2013
The family via the authorized attorneys Andrea Tzelle, George Maragkou, Konstantinou Mpika.
[According to reports in other sources the newspaper Proto Thema has a photograph of Pavlos Fyssas dying as he is held by his girlfriend on the front page of Sunday’s issue. The journalists union has condemned the paper, there has been a very public call to kiosks and newspaper vendors to refuse to carry that issue, and a boycott of the paper has been launched.]



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