Here is a brief roundup of the news from Greece this weekend: George Roupakias, the accused murderer of Pavlos Fyssas appeared in court Saturday morning and is being held in jail while the investigation continues. The investigation at this point is focused on who did Roupakias talk with both immediately before and after the murder. There is a lot of speculation (including reports who claim to have inside information but no actual proof) as to who called on him to go to the site of the murder and what he was told to do. So far the investigator in charge has not lifted the “secrecy” laws that protect the other cell phones Roupakias was in touch with so that they can be analyzed (with a lot of criticism for not having done so in some media sources and a lot of speculation as to why there is such a delay). Dendias, the minister of public disorder, has announced multiple measures as part of the government’s “crackdown” on Golden Dawn: police protection for the Golden Dawn members of parliament has been withdrawn, parliamentary funding for GD has been cut off and a file with 32 outstanding criminal cases involving GD members has been turned over to the Anti-terrorist division of the police for investigation (some of those cases are over a year old, prompting a lot of criticism of why the government has been sitting on them for so long). The prosecutor of the Supreme Court (the greek legal system is quite different from that of the US) has ordered a speedy investigation on those 32 cases. There have been multiple reported raids in GD offices, and arrests of 8 GD members for weapons violations. University professors continue with their strike Monday and Tuesday. School teachers will vote today on joining them. Municipal workers will walk out Monday and Tuesday. Public employees are planning a strike for Tuesday and Wednesday.


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