Κάλεσμα μίσους από κόρη Μιχαλολιάκου στο σκληρό πυρήνα της ΧΑ

Distinguishing in her statement between those “few who know who they are” and the larger masses of Golden Dawn voters, Ourania Mihaloliakou, the daughter of the founder of the neo-nazi party, calls on those who were there from the beginning “before the masses started joining”, and who believe in its “holy ideology”, to sacrifice themselves for the neo-nazi organization.

“Ask yourself if you are ready to die for what you believe in without becoming a hero with glory and honors. Remaining an anonymous dead of the Cause. Ask yourself how much you are ready to sacrifice and how much you have to lose. Ask yourself how far you are willing to go. You the few know exactly what I mean. Ask yourself if you are ready to lose everything for an idea. Simply ask yourself and chose.”

“Many times we have caught ourselves wondering who are all those people coming to our offices,” she says among other things, and addressing herself to the “few” of Golden Dawn she emphasizes that “we all got carried away” but “we must not forget the struggle.” As a reminder, Ourania Mihaloliakou was arrested about a year ago for participating in a murderous attack against an immigrant at Pireas St.



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