This site intends to provide you, the reader, with ideally periodic but most likely irregular updates on the situation in Greece, drawing on news from Greek and foreign mainstream as well as alternative and grassroots media sources, interspersed with some analysis, commentary, and a fair amount of off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts and ramblings about what is going on. I will not claim any expertise on anything, other than the fact that I grew up there, I read Greek, and I still keep close contact with a lot of different people there. As much as possible I try to provide some historical and cultural context for what is going on in addition to just posting the news. Translations for the most part are my own (unless I say otherwise) and usually done very quickly and on the fly. Whenever available I will be including links to the original articles.

Keep in mind while you are reading my posts that information is often incomplete and events can unfold somewhat rapidly. I will rarely post something if I have only seen it from a single source unless I believe that source to be credible and I have reason to believe that other media outlets will not cover it. But never assume that my fact checking (or that of anyone else even, or especially, in the mainstream media) is foolproof. Use common sense, try to learn more about what is going on and never rely on a single source, not even me šŸ˜‰

Let me know what you like, what you don’t, what you would want more of and what you can do without. No promises but I am not doing this just for me so if you have a good suggestion there is a decent chance I will incorporate it.

If you are going to use any of the content that I have posted, such as my translation or my own comments, please give me proper attribution, ideally with a link to the actual post. At times I will make corrections on my translations, or clarifications in my own comments so a link allows your reader to get the most current info. Content which is included that is not developed by me is copyrighted by the original content provider and is used here for educational and commentary purposes and such use is intended to fall under the fair use doctrine.

Finally, this is my blog so I reserve the right to remove any comments and anyone for whatever reason I see fit. Most of the time I am not that arbitrary. If you want to know what my “rules” are read them here.


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